Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Not the Courage - It's the Faith!

Recently I was in a store with Daniel, and a perfectly sweet stranger started complimenting his red hair and precious personality. A minute or two into the baby ogling, he asked for Daniel's name and then followed it with another question regarding the name's origin possibly deriving from the Bible. I shared that it was, as well as his older brother's name, Caleb. He stated that they were strong biblical names to which I concurred and added that both of those Biblical namesakes were courageous. He then gently corrected me and stated that it wasn't courage, but FAITH! In looking at the lives of both Old Testament heroes, Caleb and Daniel, he couldn't be more accurate.

I thought about our conversation for the remainder of the day and started to pull more and more out of this Kairos moment. Throughout the Bible we find hero after hero... all sinners who allowed God to come into their life and use them in a mighty way. So many character traits that I would love to attain as well as share with my children can easily be seen in their lives - courage, patience, perseverance, and the list can go on and on. However, I realized that these traits that often characterize these heroes, as well as ourselves, are a result of faith... understanding that we in ourselves cannot attain the level of character, such a courage. It's in the faith of a perfect, loving God and His amazing power.

This weekend Pastor Greg was used to confirm what the Lord was personally speaking to me in his continuing series on the Life of David. As he spoke the infamous story of David killing Goliath, he said so many things that hit home. But one specific thought that relates to this was when he asked, "When was Goliath really killed? Was it when David cut off his head? No. How about when this seven foot giant hit the ground? Nope, not then either. How about when the stone hit between his eyes? I don't think so." He shared, "I truly believe Goliath was a dead man walking the minute when David took that first step of faith."

I do pray that my children have courage as their namesakes so easily display, but even more so, I pray that they are granted a measure of faith that is seen in the lives of these heroes that does not only result in courage, but so much more.

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