Monday, November 17, 2014

Organizational Tips for Christmas

I remember years and years ago doing a spiritual assessment test with the Florez Family (love them!) I remember Themis helping me figure out my motivational gift - Organization! She was right! I have lots of weaknesses, but this strength has often carried me through. So, here are some "organizational" tips for the holidays...

1. Make a list. I use a spreadsheet. Include each person you have to buy for and a budget you plan on spending. Then add each gift purchased and the actual amount. Stay in budget!

Christmas 2012

Name Gift Completed $$$
Niece CD 15
Nephew xyz toy 15 15
Cousin mug 12
Aunt ? 10
Mom  vase 22 25
Granddad Game tickets 25 20

2. Start shopping for that list early! I usually start shopping by Aug or Sept. I am done by Thanksgiving. It spreads the finances over months, you are able to keep an eye out for specific deals, and you can always return or exchange.

3. Keep all Christmas receipts in a separate envelope... if a return or exchange is needed, I know exactly where it is.

4. Order your Christmas cards early... there are great deals now, and it's one less thing to "get done". Also consider doing a spreadsheet (can you tell - I love spreadsheets) of your address book. you can do a mail merge and labels for your envelopes. Super time saver!

5. Make a menu if you are hosting. I use a spreadsheet. Include each item and the person who is making that item. You can start shopping for the items you are making early. There are also several dishes you can make early and freezer (I already have an apple pie and garlic butter frozen... next week I start on pumpkin roll. Yum!)


Dinner Who
Ham Me
Ham Gravy Me
Turkey Breast
Turkey Gravy
Sweet Potato Casserole Me
Seafood Casserole Mom
Mashed Potatoes Me
Squash Cass Mom
Salad Mom
Mashed Potatoes Me

6. Plan your month. Add all those fun family events going on around town, through church, with family and friends, etc... but also be sure to schedule down time to rest in this busy season. You don't have to see every light display. Plan the fun AND plan the rest.

7. ENJOY! Planning ahead and spreading the work relives the stress of the holiday season. People around me often seem stressed, but I enjoy (almost) every moment because most of my work is done before Thanksgiving even hits. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!