Sunday, June 17, 2012


Throughout my life, by words, example and experience, I have formed my own personal meaning of the word Dad. At a retreat this weekend, one of the speakers played an amazing song about God being our Heavenly Father. He told a story of coming home from work to his two little girls and as he walked in the door they would run to him, raising their arms to be held. It created a beautiful picture of our Daddy in heaven. As the music played, I watched women after women grab tissues to catch the tears running down their face. However, I couldn't help but smile. As I reflected on the story and listened to the song, memories of my amazing earthly father took over my thoughts... all the softball games he coached, all the crazy drives we took, all the funny stories he told, all the pancake breakfasts that he made, all the powdered donuts he bought me, all the life he lived with me and continues to unceasingly. My smile was unstoppable when I thought of my Heavenly Father because of the amazing example of fatherly love He bestowed on me here on earth through my daddy. I can't even imagine being loved more!

My amazing Daddy with me and my 3 kids (Haley was still inside)

Later the same night, I sat next to the new daddy in my life... the daddy to my own children. We sat in a Father's Day sermon that talked about true love -

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Cor 13:13

Our pastor asked "What did your father give to you?" and went on to explain how dad's can give the three greatest gifts to their children: faith, hope, and love. I watched the amazing man I married... the one that changes diapers, helps clean my house, has catches with my son and doesn't miss a game, swings on the swing set, jumps on the trampoline, takes our family on bike rides, jumps in the pool, drives our minivan to near and far destinations for vacations, and tucks my babies into bed each night with a prayer, a hug, and a kiss... takes notes and ask "how can I do this better?" There are so many reasons I am thankful that Mark Daniel Rainwater is the Dad to my kids, but that one right there has to be in my top ten reasons. He is always willing to be better and do more to show the unfathomable love he has for his family. I am not sure if my kids understand, or ever will, the man of honor and integrity they get to call "Dad" every day, but I know they will never be the same because of it!

So, to the two Dad's in my life - Thank You! And I love you with all of me!

He truly gives thess kids the greatest gift - love!

SO thankful for how this amazing man loves on Caleb

Daniel is super glued to Daddy

Princess Haley had Daddy wrapped at her first breath

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