Friday, April 20, 2012

An Apology and Some Lessons

Looking back on my childhood I can easily remember so many "quotes" my mother would repeatedly say, and I am so thankful they have stuck with me over the years. I wish I would more consistently act on all the wisdom she poured into me. One statement she repeated was, "Never say 'never,' or 'always' because few things in life fit into never or always." Well, in my post yesterday I made a blanket statement about the teachers at the school I taught in here in SC.  It was wrong. I am SO thankful my friend from there came to me with her offense and that I was able to apologize to her personally. I would also like to do so publicly - to her and anyone else I may have offended by my blanket statement. I am so thankful she offered forgiveness. I was also thankful for the opportunity to share in more detail how I truly felt. You see, teaching here is SC was actually an amazing experience. I had never taught before with such a "team" of teachers on my 5th grade level. They truly worked together to make sure we produced amazing lessons. They truly loved their students as their own and did have high expectations of their students as well. What I should have stated yesterday was that there were several teachers within the school that had lower expectations. I had one student in particular, that before I even met him, some teachers came up to me and apologized I had him and wished me luck. He was a challenge for sure and I don't know their heart or motive or exactly what they meant by it... I just felt that their expectation of him, as well as others in my class, was not one of success for his future. I am so thankful for the amazing teachers and coaches and other employees who befriended me then and took me under their wings and showed me how to love and teach. I should NOT have put a blanket statement like that in writing because it’s not true. I hope all the teachers from the school... and in all schools, look to teachers like those who truly love and teach like they do!
So, with this apology comes two lessons. First, watch out for blanket statements! Second, if someone offends you, go to them! I cannot tell you how thankful I am that this friend came to me. She is awesome! How many times do we get "offended" and then just hold in that offense? or act inappropriately on it? You have got to be brave and strong to choose the right thing and go to the person with your offense and allow them to make it right, if they so choose. I am so thankful to have been on the other end of it this time... to be able to correct myself and make things right and hold on to a friendship that I cherish instead of losing a friendship over miscommunication. But next time I am offended, I hope to be brave and strong to confront in love (just like she did) and allow others the opportunity to make things right (but forgive no matter what).  I know we have all said or done things we wish we could take back... but we can't. However, we can always own it and make it right... Forgiveness is so freeing when given and received!

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