Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is Someone Behind You?

Driving home from church tonight there was one topic on my heart - leadership! One thing I have learned from my home church, Seacoast, is that everyone is a leader - whether your leading a corporation or your family - someone is following your example. After all, that is leadership, right? If someone is leading, someone must be following. If there is no one following then you are not really leading, are you?

There are two examples of leadership that I was thinking about tonight. First was Peter. He was quite the disciple. He was the go getter, the all or nothing, the pedal to the metal kind guy. Christ told Peter that on him, he would build the church. That is quite the calling. God has amazing plans for Peter and gave him the personality for it. However, when God gives us talents and we run with them, it doesn't always go so smoothly. In the four gospels, there are many objects lessons that revolve around this same disciple, Peter. He was always getting himself into trouble. He jumped out on water (Matt 14:22-33) but then almost drowned, he said he would never deny Christ yet it happened thrice before that crow of the cock (Mark 14:66-72), and the guy even cut off a soldier's ear (Matt 26:47-56). He seemed to have the best intentions, but lacked self control and most importantly, humility. It was his way or the highway and nothing was going to stop him. Every one these stories has happy ending as Jesus steps in.

And speaking of leadership - I would say the King of Kings is a good example to follow. Jesus was an amazing leader. He started his ministry by reaching out to 12. Yup, just 12. He befriended them and established a relationship with each them. At some point Jesus spoke to a crowd of 5k, but most often you find him gathered in a house reaching out relationally.

This evening God put three traits of Jesus on my heart in regards to leadership. The first is that Jesus was a servant. He was selfless, changing lives one at a time. The other trait is meekness. I once heard meekness defined as "strength and power under control." Jesus is a true example of that. The God of the universe and all the power that be, contained in a man that was nailed to a cross. Wow! Lastly, but just as important, Jesus led by example. He didn't stand on a stage and/or organize others to do - He did. He poured out - no task too great or too small. He got his hands dirty!

A few lessons I learned through  this...
1. Thank God for the personality He gave me - He has great plans for me and will use me
2. Be meek! Get some self control and under control. I need to not jump on my own, in my own power, at my own time, in my own strength, in my own way - The theme word here is "MY," but I want the theme to be "HIS." If I do things my way instead of HIS way, I may personally wind up as the object lesson. :-(
3. Lead relationally - I may one day get to speak to a crowd, but miracles really happen one-on-one
4. Be a servant - that is true leadership!

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