Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't Just Pass By

Over the past 2 years I have been faced with the reality that our plates are all very full and time is a true commodity. As much as that is a good thing it can also be a bad thing. During this two year stretch I have reached out to several leaders to either get a very very delayed response or no response at all. I understand that we are all very busy people and have too much to do in too little time, but this raised a question in my heart. I have gone straight to the Lord on this topic and He reminded me of a story.... The Good Samaritan.

Simple version of it that can apply to any century or time period - There was a guy who was who was hurting and had a need. He was put in the path of three men. The first two passer bys where the religious leaders. They did nothing. Then there was a Good Samaritan. He saw the need that was right in front of his face and he STOPPED. Yes, he stopped. He then helped. In fact, he went above and beyond in the helping.

As I was reminded of this story I had to look introspectively. Have I always stopped? No, I have failed. I can share the time that I was driving out of JFK airport in NY the night after Christmas and a car overturned in front of me. I raced to pull 1 Mom and two baby girls out of the upside down, smoking car. Covered in blood, I took them into the warmth of my car, comforted them, and tried to stop the bleeding while we waiting for the FDNY to respond. So, should I consider myself the Good Samaritan and call it quits? No way!

Every day I am presented with people who need help. It may be a car accident, or it may be an email or phone call. This is where I need to just keep my eyes open. I am so so thankful for all these serving opportunities presented before me, but what about the person with the need that God put in my path? I am sure those two religious leaders in the story of the Good Samaritan where on their way to some great church function, but they missed it! They missed the need God put right in their path because it wasn't on their agenda. So, with that, if YOU have ever crossed my path with a need and I didn't stop, I ask right now - please forgive me??

Let's lay aside OUR agenda, our full plates, our time and keep our eyes open to what GOD puts in our path. Let's replace the "our" with "HIS." Glory to God!


Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Love this post Christie!