Monday, January 18, 2010

A Shining Light

Yesterday a few of my cousins were inquiring as to Caleb's good behavior. They wanted to know why he was such a good boy. I started rattling off the names of Christian parenting books, the "firm, fair, and consistent" motto I learned in college for Elementary Education, and an array of philosophies I try to live by as I parent him. I was hoping it was helpful to the inquirers.

As the day went on, I couldn't get the question out of my head though. Finally it hit me - I missed the point. They were seeing JESUS in Caleb. That was the difference. This boy has the Holy Spirit living in him to guide him and convict him. My little one was shining his light. It's amazing that even at such a young age there is a recognizable difference between one with Christ living in their heart and without. So, before you run out and grab those books, try out that motto, or put your own philosophy into practice, check out the saving grace of Jesus Christ that transforms lives - little or big.


Thelma said...

Amen, it is the Jesus factor. My kids are so good! People ask me why too. It is Jesus. Christopher has such compassion for people, why...Jesus and the Holy Spirit. He has received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and it effects every part of his life. Are my children perfect, no but they are good kids. My children's faith awes me. They think nothing of praying for people or laying hands on people when they are sick. Jennifer "passes out Jesus" to everyone. Handing them something you can't see but saying "Here is you some Jesus"....the Jesus factor........way bigger than explanation.

Maggie said...

Wow, Christie, AMEN!
God is the one who deserves all the praise for all the good in our children. I am first to admit I have been prideful of their good behavior, but no, I was so wrong! It is God who dwells within them and it is God who helps us to be good, godly examples to our children. PTL!!