Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Missional Moms ROCK!

This year Seacoast Women's Ministry revamped a few things including a new ministry called "Missional Moms." I love this ministry! It's so simple... Moms, doing life, but with purpose. As a Mom of three I can easily watch the days fly by, but I don't want them to be a blur. I want to enjoy every moment and be purposeful in my living.

Fridays is food shopping day for the Rainwaters. Sometime in the late morning you can find me pushing a gray shopping cart around the commissary with a red headed toddler in the front of it (that would be Daniel) and a sweet baby girl in a Bjorn pouch (that would be Haley). We're usually in and out in less than an hour, surfing mostly the perimeter of the store where the healthy food is and occasionally popping down an aisle for some essentials. Another stop we make is the deli counter, usually to grab some turkey or chicken and cheese. I start there with an order and end there to pick it up.

This past Friday, my Mom wanted some baby time so she was actually watching my kiddos while I accomplished this weekly task. As I went to pick up my deli meats at the end of my trip, I noticed that only 2 of the 3 things I ordered were at the pick up counter. I should know by now that when there's a hold up, it's probably a God appointment. I asked the kind worker about it and she went off to grab what I needed. As she did, I noticed a young Momma standing just feet from me. She had two babies in her cart. One was about late twos or early threes and the other, an adorable boy about a year and a half who happened to be sitting on her loaf of bread. Despite the fact that it was squished like a pancake I politely said, "Ma'am, just want to tell you that your son is sitting on your bread." She gasped and the frazzled look that I personally know oh so well appeared on her face. She responded that it was "just one of those days." I felt the Lord prompting me to take the conversation further. In the past I probably would have given her the salvation message and pushed a prayer, but over the past year the Lord has revealed to me that it's not all about "that prayer" as I have always thought it was. The prayer is just a beginning. The Lord wants disciples and has commissioned me to make them. That is not something that happens in a deli line. Thankful for this new ministry of Missional Moms, I saw it as a tool to possibly begin that relationship, and so I invited her to our next playdate.

So often I have heard people pray the prayer of salvation, but that was actually the end of their relationship with Christ. It needs to be the beginning. Going to church does not make one a heaven-bound Christian, but meeting with others that have the same goal of becoming truly devoted Christ followers and asking them to hold you accountable to what God is speaking to you sure does help! So thankful for all the Missional Moms God has put in my life.

P.S. Her name is Lauren... She is a military wife with two little ones and not much help. Say a prayer for her. :-)


Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

Praying for this mom. Praying that if I ever wind up in a situation where God can use me to make disciples, that I will step up and do His will.

Aside from that, your post on Debbie's blog ( from a few months back has been on my mind a lot as we're in the "Jonah" series. Honestly, I didn't know enough about the story to fully "get" what your post meant at the time. But your post has been coming back to me over and over again for the past week and I GET it now. Thank you for writing that. Now I need to discern where my "Ninevehs" are and DO something about it. They're probably more obvious than I think they are, so praying for that!!

inthemiddleoflife said...

Wow. Wow. Wow.
Such a vivid example of missional discipleship.
Love your heart for God's girls.