Thursday, October 27, 2011

Not a Blur

Over the past few months several friends and family members have made such encouraging comments like "seems like you have it all together with 3." First, thank you! It makes me smile to think I don't always look like the mess I feel I am. But secondly, here's the real scoop.

From the moment I found out I was unexpectedly expecting my third munchkin, I knew for certain God had a sense of humor. I, Christie R. Rainwater, am organized. I know it, most around me know it, God knows it... in fact, He made me that way. However, God also knows that I do much better depending on Him than when I just do things my way. So, I am confident that despite the fact that my precious baby girl was not planned, God knew she was best for me at this specific time... and knew He would get a good laugh due to me along the way. Throughout the entire pregnancy I knew it would have to be all God because I, Christie R. Rainwater, could not handle three children... specifically when two of the three were only 17 months apart.

So on August 1, 2011 my beautiful, sweet Lil Miss Haley joined our family. Within days... make that hours... of coming home from the hospital, I was a mess. Mrs. Organized was suddenly in chaos. I had only two hands and three kids, and it was just not working. As time started to pass...

(Side note: I love the scriptures in the Bible that start, "And it came to pass..." It's an awesome verse to hold onto when you're in a tough spot. It will pass. It will be okay. God's Word says it. Trust it)

...things got better and better, easier and easier. I went from have a few good hours a day to actually one good day out the week. Suddenly, the good days were outnumbering the bad days. I was so thankful. However, during that time, I talked to lots of Mom's that had children close in age. While they and their children obviously survived, they all shared a common word for the memories of the younger years: "Blur." After hearing it time and time again I became a bit discouraged. I didn't want anything good in my life to be a blur... and my kids were not just good, they were awesome! So I started to pray. On September 28, 2011 God used Caleb to remind me of His Word -
"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Phil 4:13
(If you want to read the whole story, click here.) Since then I have thought this verse, said this verse, held this verse, and prayed this verse. I can honestly say that the Lord has made it so true in my life. I am not living a blur. Over the past month I have truly enjoyed almost every minute with my children. It has been amazing! It is a work of my wonderful Heavenly Father and an answer to prayer.

Tonight I got another one of those comments that it seems like I have it all together from my sweet cousin-in-law Amanda (love her!). I went to respond with something like, "Seems' is the key word," but I stopped and knew in my heart I should probably share more than that. Mrs Organized Christie really doesn't have it together, but Christ who is working in and through her sure does. There are still moments of frazzle, frustration, doubt, and even tears, but I can honestly say that when you live your life depending on God's strength, He can be perfect in those weak moments.

I give credit to those Moms who are doing it without God... I cannot imagine all the effort that must be put forth and all the knowledge they must try to attain to know what is best for each of their children. God's Word says His burden is light, and I can see that in my parenting when I choose to depend... make that surrender fully to Him. He gives me strength; He gives me wisdom; He guides me. He's got it together!

PS A funny extra:
Recently I was in the church's nursery picking up Haley and someone commented what a good baby she is. Out of my three, she has always been my "high maintenance" baby... but what else should I expect from a girl, right? I think a lot of that has to do with her acid reflux. After this comment, another person said, "That's cause Christie prays for her all the time." I responded, "That and Prilosec! ...a little bit of Prilosec and a lot of Jesus."  ;-)

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