Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Casting Hope

Since becoming a mother of 3, blogging is something that happens often in my head, but rarely in print. Today was one of those days, but with all 4 other members of my household fast asleep, this 5th member decided to sneak in a few written words.

My first few days home from the hospital after Haley's birth can be summed up in one word: overwhelming! However, a few days after that things were running smoothly in the Rainwater household - praise God who has truly given us everything we need for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). Today was a day where I fell back into that feeling of treading water. Haley has been having some feeding issues and as I tried to schedule her a dr appt, the only one they had available was at 1:45pm... just a few minutes before I usually head to pick Caleb up from school. I attempted to make arrangements for finding a friend to pick up Caleb so I could take Haley for the appt, and I was not succeeding. I suddenly found myself of the verge of tears.

I took a breath and tried to work through my feelings of wanting to take care of the needs of all my children but not being able to be in more than one place at one time. At that moment, God reminded me that only HE can meet all needs. There are so many times in life where I would find myself depending on someone or something to meet all my needs... and when it or he/she didn't, I would feel hurt and disappointed. Could I truly depend on my husband to meet every one of my needs and never mess up? How about my children? or my parents? What about a new car? a bigger house?

So often we put our "hope" in someone or something. But people are not perfect... they will disappoint and let us down. And things are even worse... once we have it, we need something bigger and better. God is truly the only One who can meet all our needs; The only One who does not disappoint; The only One in whom we should place our hope.

The good news is that everything worked out in the logistics of the day, but most importantly I was reminded that just as I could not meet every need, nor can the people in my life. However, just as God allowed all circumstances to be worked out today, He alone will always come through... He can be trusted... He is a safe place to cast our hope!

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