Monday, December 6, 2010


This morning I was thinking of Lady Justice. She stand in front of courthouses all over the world holding a sword and the balancing scales. One other key to this statue and symbol of justice is the blindfold that covers her eyes. The blindfold represents objectivity, ruling out identity, money, power, or weakness... simply looking into the heart of an individual for who they are.

As I pondered this, I thought about how God looks past myself, my actions, and anything external. He looks into my heart. (1 Sam 16:7) And the most amazing part of that is HE LOVES ME ANYWAY. (Romans 5:8) He loves me completely. Regardless. Faithfully. Always.

And thinking even further, as He looks into me, He doesn't see Christie - He sees Jesus, the One whom I invited to live in my heart. I AM SANCTIFIED. Covered. Washed whiter than snow.

Justice, for me, was taken care of at the cross. Nothing I can be, or say, or do matters for my salvation. It is a finished work in HIM ALONE.


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