Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All the Single Ladies... (Oh, and Men)

I must say that I do not envy the single. I am so happily married and enjoy keeping the flame alive in the marriage the Lord has blessed me with instead of trying to start a flame or find an old flame. I do remember those days though and the battle of "who" and "when." I specifically remember dating a guy who I thought may have been the one, but I wasn't sure. I sat down with my dear friend (and godly example) Theresa and asking her how she knew her husband Tony was "The One." She said when it's him and it's time - you will know. That right there should have told me this guy wasn't "the one," but that break up didn't come until a few months later. Theresa could not have been more right. When I met Mark, it didn't take long to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that he was "The One."

This past weekend I enjoyed the company of another dear friend, and I was able to put into words what I pray will offer a snippet of wisdom for all the single ladies (and men) out there. I remember dating guys and my heart would say "yes" and my head would say "no way!" ...and then there were other guys where my head said, "perfect" but my heart just was not in it. There were battles with my spirit, and other days where my emotional side kicked in. But here it is.... when I met Mark, the man God ordained for me - my heart, my head, my emotions, and my spirit all lined up and said, "Yes, he is The One!"

So, if there is a battle within you over the one you love, step back and pray, seek some godly counsel, and be patient until all of you is in agreement. Trust me, it is totally worth the wait!!

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