Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The First to be Invited

Tonight's dinner conversation was led by Caleb. At a mere 7 years old, he clearly had the mic... jumping from topic to topic he finally settled on one which was started by part of his day's events. He was swimming in Meme and Pappy's community pool with some friends of ours who happen to have a little girl around Caleb's age. Caleb said, "I think [girl] "l-i-k-e-s" me," as he spelled out the word "like." (Too funny - the spelling thing. He just cracks me up.) He told us how he came to this conclusion, and I am pretty sure he is accurate.

I didn't think this topic would approach till the teens years, but it's never to young to teach - right? So I shared with Caleb that if he is aware a young girl like him he must be extra careful to protect her heart. That her heart belongs to Jesus until He specifically tell her who she should give it to when He wants her to marry. Mark chimed in and together we explained how NOT to lead a girl on or foster feelings. I wonder how many hearts would not be broken if guys (and girls) learned this at an early age.

Caleb understood what he could of it and then said, "Well, if we are still neighbors when I grow up, I will invite her to my wedding." Mark and I chuckled. Off this topic, he then started sharing how he would be sending out his wedding invitations and said that the first wedding invitation he wanted to send out would go to God, then to Mark and me, and then to his dear friends Anthony and Alaina.

WOW - How profound - the first to be invited to his wedding will be God. That sounds like a great start to an incredible marriage if you ask me.

At some point most of us have or will step foot into a church and stand before God and recite vows to another, but do we really INVITE Him? Is He invited to our wedding on that first day and then into our marriage for every day to come? To reign over it as Lord? I wonder how marriages would change if God truly was the first one invited to the wedding.

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