Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things to do this Summer

Two phrases I refuse to tolerate from my son (or students when I am teaching) is "I'm bored" or "It's not fair!" I could go on and on about the later phrase and how "fair" does not mean "equal" or "the same" but rather what is best for each child. However, I will save that for another day and address the "bored" issue.

When giving a "rule," which I now expect my son to obey, I try to also keep him from temptation and do my best to help him be an obeyer. So, since I told him he will get a consequence if he says "I'm bored" this summer, I thought I better help equip him not to say that. Caleb can be very creative himself, but to assist even further, we sat down today and together came up with a list of summer activities.

One list is stuff we can do together. Some of it is free and other things cost money. I have listed those seperately. Then, there is a list of things that he can do alone (appropriate for a 7 year old). The best part about this list is that when he is feeling bored he can go right to the list and pick something to do. I think children often say they are bored when they can't think of something to do, so hopefully this will help. We have sat down and discussed this thoroughly so he is aware of my expectations.

The last list is things that he can do to be a helper for me. This is in addition to his regular chores that he does as a member of our family, so with these he can earn some summer money. I have specified that is he does the things thoroughly and with a good attitude he will get paid.

Below I have included the list to help any other Moms that need some ideas for summer.

**In addition, please ADD your own ideas to this list in the comment section. I would love to expand my list even further.***

Hope you all have a happy, safe, and FUN summer!


(Free Stuff)
Water Park (Passes)
Free Movies
Free Bowling
Beach – ride the waves
Have a playdate
Play a board game
Play cards
Library – Summer Reading Program

(Costs Money)
Mini Golf
Be a Tourist
Go to the Zoo
Go a Museum
Go to Aquarium
House of Bounce
Go to a sporting event
Make a garden

ALONE (or Together)
Work on Scripture Memory
Practice a Sport
Work on Summer Scapbook
Take some pictures
Make a picture
Draw with chalk
Make a card for someone
Write a letter
Write a poem
Write a song
Send an email to a relative or friend
Read a book or a chapter
Read to a sibling
Clean your room
Call a relative
Play a computer game
Play on Swing Set
Play on Trampoline
Give the dog a bath
Play Fetch with the dog
Wash the car
Build an indoor fort
Make something out of Recycle Bin
Playdough – make it & play with it
Ride your bike
Ride your scooter
Watch a TV show
Watch a DVD
Go on a treasure hunt in the backyard
Make a movie
Make a collage from old magazines
Play with your toys

(You can earn $.25 for each chore you complete thoroughly and with a good attitude)
Load dishwasher
Empty dishwasher
Do laundry
Fold laundry
Wash windows and mirror
Put away groceries



Tiffany said...

I love the help mommy part of the list!

Pappy & Meme Healy said...

Or if all else fails call Pappy to spoil him!!!!!!

Jessica said...

LOVE the list! I also do NOT allow "I'm bored";-)