Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to Get Oil and Water to Mix

With Caleb's 7th birthday party less than 24 hours away, it was time to start on my traditional Checkerboard Cake. It takes a bit of work, but is always a hit at the party. I was in a rush as we had dinner plans with some friends, so I was doing my best to multitask the baking process. I measured out the water and oil in two separate measuring cups, but poured them into the bowl together. Despite the mixing flow, they quickly divided back to their individual substances. As we all know, oil and water don't mix. However, when I added a third substance, the cake mix, all items blended perfectly to form a ideal mixture that would soon become a delicious birthday cake.

As I was creating this masterpiece I heard that still small voice. Our marriages are often like this oil and water. You know what they say - opposites attract. Shortly after the honeymoon, the differences between us and our spouses suddenly seem to pop up.

When we try to mix together, we quickly divide again - unless we add a third entity that can perfectly blend us - GOD.

HE can take us, the ingredients, mix us together to make something exquisite. So the next time you and your spouse are mixing as well as oil and water, be sure to mix in that essential "ingredient" to make your marriage a masterpiece.

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