Friday, April 19, 2013

A Prince!

Haley was the first of the little ones up this morning. She usually is. We started our morning routine... I pick her up out of her crib, sit down on my glider with her on my lap, and we snuggle. After a minute or two the first word out of her mouth is "Bible" as she wants me to read her a Bible story. I am not sure why she does this every morning, but it's so sweet and also a great reminder to me of the best way to start one's day. We then move on to some of her other favorite books... God loves Haley, If You Give a Pig a Pancake, and a new recent favorite, I Love You As Much.

As we were reading, we heard the door knob turn, and there was an adorable little boy with his blankie draped over his arm and a golf ball in his hand. So precious! Haley jumped down to greet him and then he crawled into my lap. He snuggled and and looked up to me and said, "Mommy, I'm a Prince!" I smiled and said, "Yes, you are! And if you are a Prince, who is your King?" and Daniel grinned and answered, "Jesus!"

It was such a sweet moment; I wanted to capture it forever! The next thing he said was, "I want to go golfing again." Yup, he's a boy, just like any other boy. But he's special because of who he is and whose he is. Sometimes I wonder how different life would be for the church if we woke up each morning and reminded ourselves of who we are and whose we are. 

Daniel Wesley, 3 year old

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Pappy & Meme Healy said...

Great, made me cry. Thank you for being a great christian mother and Mark for being a great christian father and raising my grandchildren in the love of the Lord.