Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Choosing What is Right, From a Right Heart

After yesterday's post on Halloween, I have to follow it up with the drama that went along with it. Having a blended family has its own set of challenges. One of them is that there is a child that is being shared among two households... that's two different set of rules, two different set of beliefs, two different set of everything! One thing we focus on in our house is that what Caleb does with his biological father is between Caleb and Brandon and God. I am thankful that Caleb is older now and at an age where he knows right from wrong on most issues. And those that he doesn't, I pray hard and trust the Holy Spirit to convict when necessary. I have learned that I cannot control the other household, but I can trust God.

When we decided to change the way we did Halloween this year, we shared it with Caleb. We gave him the option to stick with what the Rainwater Family does or he could go with Brandon and get a costume and go trick-or-treating and such. My personal belief is that the grass is always greener on the other side. If I would have forced him to stay with us, he would have wanted to go "celebrate Halloween" that much more. He originally chose to stay home with us. I was so proud... and pride cometh before the fall (Proverbs 16:18).

When Halloween actually came, Caleb was suddenly changing his mind. He started begging for a costume and wanted to go trick-or-treating. I don't blame the kid. Halloween sounds like a blast - costumes, candy, friends, fun! 2 Corinthians 11:14 He doesn't quite get the evil side. 1 Peter 5: 8-9, Ephesians 6:12 So, I kept my word. I told him that he could not whine or beg. His options were to stay home with us and shine our light or call his biological father and see what he says. Next thing I know, Caleb was walking out my door, dressed as a Ninja, next to my ex-husband.

My heart sank and made me wonder why I gave him that option. I then remembered why I was doing Halloween the way I was this year... because it was how God was calling me to do it. I could have forced Caleb to stay, but his heart would not have been in it. I am trusting that it may not be this year or the next one, but eventually the Holy Spirit will guide Caleb on how he can honor the Lord on this specific day. I am trusting that I have built (and am continuing to build) a moral warehouse in my child that as he grows he can not only access "what it right" but choose to do it from a "right heart." 

As mentioned, the challenges of a blended family are great, but I serve an even greater God! Great is His faithfulness!

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Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

I can't imagine the challenges you must face having a blended family. Praying for your family as you go through these trials. Praying that Caleb will choose to shine the light next year. Praying for you as you allow him to make choices from which he can learn and grow. Thanks for linking up on my blog as well! :)