Monday, April 26, 2010

HIS Love = My Security

This weekend I was incredibly blessed while dealing with my insecurities thanks to Beth Moore's Simulcast... "So Long, Insecurity!" There were six points she made:
S - Saved from Herself
E - Entitled to Truth
C - Clothes with Intention
U - Upended by Grace
R - Rebounded by Love
E - Exceptional in Life

But the thing that struck me most through the day was God's overwhelming, undying love for me. I've always known about God's love for me... enough that He would send His only Son to die in my place. However, this weekend the one fact became so real to me - no matter what I've done, no matter I do, HE WILL NEVER STOP LOVING ME! I have heard the term unconditional love before and have even been told I possess some of it, but let me tell you - I don't have it for everyone. There are certain things that people do that I choose not to love them. Yet, I serve this God who has an unconditional, never-ending love for every one of us, His creation, that no matter what will always be available. I find this love to be indescribable.
I have discovered this weekend that, if nothing else, I can have full security in love. The next time someone does something to you that cause you to choose not to love... or next time you do something that makes you momentarily not the easiest to love, know that there is a God that never stops loving YOU!

Some other highlights from Beth...
  • HE is the wildest ride you will ever take!
  • Victory or defeat resides in the mind
  • HE has proven.
  • Put off old, put on new
  • Our biggest enemy is often our own insecurity
  • Insecurity is a form of pride
  • I am loved, valued, and esteemed by God!
  • Don't manage a stronghold in your life - Be FREE!
  • If you have a heart that does not heal, it hardens
  • You cannot run Him off!
  • Everything always comes back to love
  • We have a need for significance
  • Be the exception!!
And one more personal thought from me... If God wanted us to consistently look at our outward selves, He would have created us with a built in mirror. Instead see yourself through the Creator's eyes!


Pappy & Meme Healy said...

Christie, Loved this blog. I love your statements about God's unfailing love. A great book of the Bible to show this is Hosea. It is sometimes called the book of unfailing love and by reading it, it shows a new, beautiful view of God's never ending love for us reagrdless of what we do. Repentance is always the key word and if we go to the Lord, using our mouth, He will always open His loving arms for us to be brought back into a never ending love relationship. Thanks for making me cry this morning.


Christie said...

Love you Daddy!

Chris said...

Christie, Sitting in church yesterday, hearing Greg talk of how our ememies sometimes become our friends and vice-versa....I remembered a friend I had a really hard time forgiving. I did finally forgive her and in doing so have discovered more of God's Grace. This friend who was a friend turned enemy turned friend again is a lifetime blessing from God. He taught me how to love as He loves.