Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's All in the Name

Sorry for the delay in my blogging. Being 9 months pregnant and sick with a sore throat/cough/cold can take a bit out of you. Whew! But now that I'm feeling better, I am ready and anticipating the arrival of Baby Daniel.

I was laying in bed the other day pondering the meaning of our expected little one's name in relation to the Daniel in the Bible. After digging deep into the book of Daniel through Beth Moore's study (amazing study, btw), there are so many words I would link with that name. The first one would be "integrity." Was Daniel not the most upright man (aside form Jesus, of course)? Although I am sure he had faults, as well all do, I don't think one is recorded anywhere. The other word I was thinking was "faithful." No matter what this man faced, he did not waver in his faith. The list of words can continue... courageous, prayerful, wise, discerning, obedient, and so on. Wow! But do you know what the actual meaning of the name Daniel is?

"God is My Judge"

After thinking about it some more, I thought of how amazing it truly is... Daniel did what he did for ONE - God alone! His integrity was not for the King, his faithfulness was not for his peers from Israel that were dragged to Babylon with him, his courage, his prayers, his obedience - it was all for God alone, his Judge.

I can't help but look at my character and question if my heart is always in the right place. Is who I am because of God alone? I have always loved this quote on character:

"Character is who we are and how we act when no one is watching"

My prayer is that God alone is my focus, the One I desire to please. He is my Judge as well.

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